2019 Michigan Collision Repair Resolutions for Your Car

2019 Michigan Collision Repair2019 is rolling around and it’s a great time to make sure that both you and your vehicle are ready for the rest of the year’s challenges. How do we do that? With regular maintenance and repair schedules. A smart car owner should bring his or her car in to the shop for a checkup every now and again. While most people will get big engine issues resolved right away, there’s a tendency to let small problems slide for way too long. Now’s your chance to get ahead of those small problems.

We’ve got a small list of ways you can keep your car on the road and out of the shop for the long term. Dealing with tiny, less noticeable issues sooner rather than later is always going to be the smart thing to do. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This goes doubly so for car repair. Small cracks and dings can just keep getting worse over time the longer they’re neglected. If you can confidently say that this New Year’s repair list is checked off then you’re in for a great year of driving.

The Windshield

The first thing you’re going to want to fix, if anything, is your windshield. It’s the easiest place for you to spot any imperfections, and it’s actually a huge safety concern if there’s anything at all wrong with it. Since it’s one whole pane of glass, a single crack or fissure in your windshield means the structural integrity of the entire thing is compromised. That can have dire consequences down the line, as cracks can decrease visibility and cause bigger accidents. Not only that, strain from vibration during even normal use of the car can worsen even small chips and fractures.

Letting this one sit for too long is a recipe for disaster—most likely for your wallet. While a whole-windshield replacement is pricey, fixing cracks that are a foot in length or smaller is much easier to do, and much cheaper. Get to an auto repair shop as soon as you possibly can and nip this issue in the bud.

The Brakes

Most people neglect their brakes. After all, they just kind of work, don’t they? You press on a pedal and you slow down. Compare this with your engine where you can really feel how good or bad the performance is every time you step on the gas. Your brakes are crucial to how your car operates—and they’re crucial for your safety on every trip.

The faster you can stop, the safer you are. Your brake pads should be inspected at a good auto repair shop by a qualified technician, but before it even gets to that you should pay more attention to how the brake pedal feels and sounds. Any kind of squealing or scraping should be a big red flag telling you to get to your repair shop. Vibrations are also a bad sign, and could be a symptom of warped discs. The sooner you fix these, the easier it’ll be.

The Tires

Another under-checked and underappreciated aspect of the automobile, the tires are about as important as you can get. They connect our car to the road, and all of the horsepower and agility in the world isn’t going to help if your car’s tires are smooth, unsticky blobs of rubber.

Now’s the time to make sure that tread wear isn’t getting out of hand and that your tire pressure is up to spec. Apart from that, it’s also a good idea to switch up your front and rear tires if you haven’t yet over the past year. Uneven weight distribution can result in one set having more wear, so this is a good trick to even things out. Having your tires aligned as well to make sure that your steering is as good as it can be.

There we go. Three simple things to check that normally go unnoticed—with these squared away, you’ll be ready for a whole new year of driving. Being proactive instead of reactive means you’re already one lap ahead of everyone else. Cheers to you!

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