Your Car’s Michigan Christmas Checklist

Michigan Auto Body Holiday RepairChristmas has always been our favorite time of the year, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by going through all our Christmas traditions and making new ones. It’s always a busy time and you’ll definitely need your vehicle this Christmas if you want to get everything on your list done – Which is why we’ve come up with a Christmas checklist to help you keep everything run smoothly while you enjoy the Christmas craze!

We’ve already covered your pre-winter service checklist in our last article (Your 2017 Michigan Winter Car Checklist). Remember to get your auto-mechanic’s opinion as well before braving that cold, winter weather. Once all of that is in order, here are some great ideas for you and your car this Christmas and some tips on how you can stay safe while having fun.

Transporting Christmas Trees

Nothing completes a Christmas home better than a lovingly-decorated Christmas tree. When picking out a tree, make sure they’re light enough for your vehicle to support. You don’t want your shock-absorbers straining too much from being the weight. Place the tree on top of your roof rack or roof. Make sure they’re secure by tying them off with bungee cords or rope. Tie a reflective flag at the end of tree to alert other drivers on the road.

Road Trips

Planning a trip to visit the folks or taking the kids out on a holiday vacation? It pays to be prepared for all eventualities. After having your car checked at Kings Brothers Collision, be sure you have everything you need for a fun and safe road trip for you and your family. In order to ensure that your focus stays on the road, you’ll want to minimize potential distractions inside your vehicle. Keep the kids entertained by having their favorite toys and gadgets in the car. Snacks are always great too. If you’re bringing pets with you that have a tendency to get restless, keeping them in a crate might be the way to go.

It’s also wise to have an emergency kit in your car at all times. This kit should include a shovel for digging yourself out, as well as sand or kitty litter to for tire traction. A warm blanket can come in handy in many different ways with a little imagination. Have a torch with extra batteries or a wind-up one in case you need to look under the hood in the dark. Keep your phones charged and, ideally, have a GPS tracking system for navigation. Don’t forget to pack extra food as well.

Decorate Your Car

Give your vehicle a nice Christmas make-over by sprucing it up with nifty decorations. Try putting a bobble-head Santa on your dashboard or hanging a mistletoe on your rearview. For a more ostentatious show of Christmas spirit, soup your car up by wrapping its exterior with blinking Christmas lights. A giant Santa hat on the roof or reindeer horns and a giant red nose in front is sure to make heads turn too. Whether you’re going simple or all-out, make sure your decors are completely secured to your car. You don’t want them to dislodge and become a hazard to you or anyone else on the road. You will also want to carefully consider their position so that they don’t obstruct your view of the road.

Delivering Gifts

Navigating the road during the holiday season can get pretty stressful. How can we procure and deliver to everyone on our list without losing our sanity? The answer is “preparation.” Ideally, you want to have your presents bought and delivered before the Christmas craze. If you find you’ve left it too late, use online traffic apps to figure out the best routes from shops to homes. Make the most of your drives by popping in some Christmas tunes. Lastly, for your safety (and for the safety of your presents) make sure you stack your presents properly when you load them into your car. You don’t want them moving around and creating an unnecessary distraction once you’re on the go.

This holiday season, we at King Brothers Collision wish everyone nothing but joy and happiness. Remember to visit our shop for any automobile services you might need, we are happy to be of service. From all of us at King Brothers Collision, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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