Michigan Fall Tips to Keep Your Car Running in Top Shape

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As we leave behind the sunny days and warm weather of Summer, the busy days of our Fall schedules can take precedence over everything else. We rely on our cars to drive to work, bring the kids to school, and head over to the relatives for Thanksgiving. We spend so much time in our cars that it’s imperative that they’re well-maintained.

How Your Car Works and How To Help It

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A modern car engine is a collection of advanced parts and systems that provide the force to propel your car down the road. New technologies and materials may haver made engines more complicated, but the core ideas behind the function of your engine have not really changed over the years. Let’s break down the parts of the typical car engine and how each functions.

What the Michigan Heat Does to Your Car

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Summer is here and it’s road trip season! That means it’s time to get your car checked out from top to bottom—the heat of the season can have adverse effects on your car, and breakdowns are something you definitely don’t want when you’re out on the road and miles from the nearest gas station. Sometimes we get wrapped up in maintaining our car during winter, as it’s commonly seen to be the toughest season for our vehicles. While that may be true, you simply can’t neglect your car’s upkeep in the summer. You’re much more likely to get tire punctures when it’s hot, and clutch problems are more common with the summer heat causing additional wear and tear.

Michigan April Showers bring New Hazards – Be Prepared

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Spring is nearly here, and with that comes longer days and warmer weather. But it’s not just that, spring also means no more snow and ice on our streets. Indeed, while we don’t have to worry as much about getting stranded in a snowdrift or sliding off the road, spring also entails new challenges for us drivers. While overall road conditions are better, that doesn’t mean we get to fully relax! Be ready for these new hazards to ensure that your spring driving is as safe as can be. Rainstorms and showers While the flora and fauna may be loving the increased precipitation, it’s definitely less than ideal for driving. Heavy rain can decrease visibility almost to the same extent

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2019 Michigan Emergency Kits for your Car

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We all know the old saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves in situations where prevention has failed us. This is especially true for our cars: with the weather and all the snow right now, the only way to 100% guarantee not getting stuck out in the cold is to drive around in a snowmobile. Today we’ll talk about what you can keep in your car for the worst case scenario: breaking down far from home.

Michigan Windshield Repair | Why You Shouldn’t Drive Around With A Chipped Windshield

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Windshields are designed to protect passengers and the interior of your car from outside elements as well as provide clear vision for driving. They’re sturdy and meant to withstand a decent amount of weathering before they actually show any signs of deterioration or damage. But sometimes, no matter how careful we are with our driving or car maintenance, accidents can still happen, and damages can still occur. A windshield can get chipped by rocks and debris, or be cracked by a vehicular collision. It’s tempting to brush off small damages, so long as the car is functioning and vision isn’t severely impaired. Unfortunately, that is the wrong mindset to have and we’re here to tell you why. We list down

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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for 2018 Michigan Summer

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It’s time to break out the beach towels and the sunblock—summer is coming in fast, and it’s a great chance to sit back and take a breather from the daily grind. While we may be relaxing and appreciating the downtime, our cars surely won’t—they’ll be getting even more mileage than in the winter, and while dry weather and warm sunshine aren’t bad for your vehicle, there are other considerations to be made during the summer. Here’s a short checklist to keep your summer headache-free:

5 Myths on How to Handle Your Car’s Detailing (Debunked!)

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When it comes to our cars, we always want them looking their absolute best – pristine and blemish-free. It’s a constant battle keeping our vehicles scratch-free especially when they’re exposed to all the elements of nature, road swipes and accidents, and other factors that are completely out of our control. It definitely pays to keep close attention to how you’re treating your car’s exterior. But with all these so-called “experts” floating around, it’s hard to tell which advice does help and which may actually just cause more damage to your car. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a list of common vehicular exterior care myths – and debunked them for your convenience.

Things to Know About Collision Repair Apps

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There’s been a glut of collision repair apps coming out. Sure, there are some great benefits to these apps – some of them can offer additional information such as technical and safety data sheets, special offers and promotions, and news alerts.  When you use one of these smartphone apps from an insurance carrier, they try to entice you with a quick turnaround time for your insurance claim. Convenience is the name of the game – all you have to do is upload a photo of the damage and they promise they’ll give you a fair estimate.  What’s more relevant, however, is getting an accurate estimate when you want to have your vehicle fixed. That’s where these apps, sadly, fall short.

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2018 Michigan Collision Repair Resolutions

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Another year has come and gone. It’s time once again to set new goals and resolutions for 2018. What made it on your list this year? With so many possible new year resolution ideas, we suggest adding to that long list something very dear to our hearts – vehicular collision repairs. After an accident involving your car, whether the fault was yours or another motorist’s, it’s tempting to skip out on repairs, especially if you feel the damage to be minimal or you’re just plain short on money. This, of course, is a terrible idea, one which you could eventually regret in the future. Here are the top five reasons why you should not delay on those repairs this year: