What Happens to Your Car in an Accident

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Have you or a loved one been in a recent car accident? If you are in the process of filing for insurance, then you are probably going through the tedious process of assessing the extent of damage to your car. While some damages are easy to spot, there are others that go beyond the surface and can only be seen with a trained eye. We recommend that you consult a professional mechanic when assessing these damages.

To help you with the process of going through damages with your mechanic, we have put together a checklist of things that need to be looked after an accident:

Check for frame car damage.

Your car’s frame is its most important safety feature especially against high impact road accidents. Think of the car frame as your car’s armor. Unresolved dents or breakage around the frame will significantly increase the risk to your safety if you meet an accident.

Check the doors and panels and make sure that everything in the car frame is still in one piece. If some panels need to be remolded, it is best that you do so immediately.

Most modern car makes and models are designed to have a solid unibody, which works by allowing your car to crumple instead of disintegrate into many different parts upon impact. Check your car’s frame for crumpling and ask your mechanic what’s the best course of action for its repair.

Check the mechanical parts for damage.

Other not so obvious damages can be found in your car’s engine, brakes, axles and emissions system. These are parts housed inside the car’s frame so any impacts to your car frame will also affect them. Even you feel like the extent of the damage is only minor, the slightest misalignment to these parts will be noticeable and may have larger repercussions. Left unresolved, these will also increase the risk of engine trouble and other car problems so don’t leave them unchecked.

Check your car’s other safety components. 

The car frame was designed to work with other safety components such as the air bag and the seat belts. Any movement or changes in the car frame can lead to potential malfunctions in these components. Professional mechanics can attest that even a deviation as small as 8mm can have a massive effect on safety. Keep in mind that even if you can’t see it, the smallest changes within your car can throw off the internal timing of your air bags, which could endanger the lives of everyone in your vehicle.

Check your car seats and car boosters.

Small adjustments can affect the safety of everyone inside your vehicle so make sure that your mechanic goes over each and every seat in your car. Depending on the kind of accident and the extent of the damage, you may also be required to replace your car seats. Your mechanic can advise you if your accident falls under the criteria in which you must do so. Don’t forget to double-check the car booster as well.

Check for broken glass inside your car.

If any of your windows or mirrors were damaged during impact, make sure that all traces of broken glass are removed from the inside of your car. You don’t want to risk the chance of people getting cut from loose shards. Some people compare cleaning shattered glass to cleaning sand, needless to say, both can be a tough task. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional who knows the best way to tackle this problem.

Check your tires.

Your tires are your direct contact with the road and are the first of all your guarantees of a safe ride. Because many accidents involve extreme swerves and skids, you must make sure to have your tires checked for damage that could compromise your safety. Don’t forget to check your treads and pressure as well.

Don’t leave your car to chance after being in an accident. No matter how minor or inconsequential the accident might seem; your car may have suffered unnoticeable damages that have an impact on your future safety. Have a trained eye look at your car from inside out. Contact King Brother’s Collision at 313-534-8090 (Redford) or 734-744-8557 (Livonia) today. For quick access, save both numbers on your mobile phone.

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