Michigan 2020 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

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It’s about to be the start of a new year and this is a great time to make sure that both you and your car are ready for a new decade. While you may have your own New Year’s resolutions that you want to focus on, spare some thought for your vehicle. You may want to get in better shape or quit smoking—maybe it’s time for your car to do the same. Today we’ll be giving you some suggestions for easy, achievable resolutions so you can take care of your car and improve your driving experience.

Let your car eat better

Just like the human body, your car will run better if it’s fed properly. Different engines have different characteristics—if your car runs best on high octane fuel, it might be best to give it what it needs, especially if it’s a more expensive, high-performance vehicle. Be careful of second-rate or dodgy parts that will save you a couple of dollars now but end up costing you in the long run. Keep your fuel tank above half full, especially in winter, and make sure your windshield washer fluid is topped up. Change your oil according to schedule and use only appropriate weight oil for the season.

Be prepared for the worst-case scenarios

This is especially important given the colder weather we’re experiencing. First off, you should have a car emergency kit in your trunk at all times—blankets, flares, a jack, a first-aid kit, flashlight, shovel, food and water, and kitty litter or sand for traction. Those are just the basics, there’s tons more you can include that will make your life easier if you ever have a breakdown. Another important safety measure is being signed up for a roadside assistance program. These can be vital lifelines if you’re stuck, and even if you (luckily) never have to use them, they can provide peace of mind—and that’s definitely worth spending on.

Balance your books

If you have an older car and are constantly going in for maintenance and repairs, you should be doing some math this next year. Is the cost of constant fixes adding up to more than the value of the car? Is it cheaper to get another year out of your vehicle instead of putting in payments on a new one? While cars may have sentimental value, it’s still smart to make your decision to keep one based on facts and math rather than emotion. Spending thousands to repair a vehicle that’s worth a fraction of that isn’t smart car ownership, no matter how you slice it. Having a car that runs well and runs reliably is worth much, much more.

Get regular check-ups

A smart car owner should bring his or her car in to the shop for a checkup every now and again. While most people will get big engine issues resolved right away, there’s a tendency to let small problems slide for way too long. Now’s your chance to get ahead of those small problems. Dealing with tiny, less noticeable issues sooner rather than later is always going to be the smart thing to do. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This goes doubly so for car repair. Small cracks and dings can just keep getting worse over time the longer they’re neglected. If you can confidently say that this New Year’s repair list is checked off then you’re in for a great year of driving.

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