Michigan April Showers bring New Hazards – Be Prepared

Michigan 2019 Collision RepairSpring is nearly here, and with that comes longer days and warmer weather. But it’s not just that, spring also means no more snow and ice on our streets. Indeed, while we don’t have to worry as much about getting stranded in a snowdrift or sliding off the road, spring also entails new challenges for us drivers. While overall road conditions are better, that doesn’t mean we get to fully relax! Be ready for these new hazards to ensure that your spring driving is as safe as can be.

Rainstorms and showers

While the flora and fauna may be loving the increased precipitation, it’s definitely less than ideal for driving. Heavy rain can decrease visibility almost to the same extent as snow, and even worse it can potentially flood or wash away entire streets in a short amount of time. That’s a worst case scenario, of course, but the possibility is definitely there.

Add to this the fact that traffic will generally get worse during a rainstorm and you’ll see that trying to get around during these times can become an exercise in frustration.

Not only that, heavy rainstorms can damage the features around the road and create unexpected or unavoidable obstructions. Trees and power lines can be downed, making roads impassable. Even when your car is parked, it can still be damaged by falling branches or signage.

Your keys to safety are: driving slowly and more cautiously. One thing you can do to ensure that you’re prepared is to keep your tires inflated properly. Under or over-inflated tires can mean you start hydroplaning on the slippery streets. Another measure is to replace your old or worn tires entirely. At the minimum you’ll want to take off your winter tires and replace them with tires that do better in rainy conditions.

Potholes and other hazards may appear

While the snow is melting away, it may expose new potholes and gouges in the roads. The beating our roads will have taken over the course of the winter will start to show, after the plows have done their work. It’s not uncommon to suddenly find deep, axle-scraping potholes in previously decent roads once spring comes around. Not only that, the rain can make it difficult to even see these potholes before you hit them.

Your key to safety: Don’t swerve when you do see a pothole—slow down in a controlled manner to lessen the impact on your car. Keep space between yourself and the car you’re following so you have ample time to react.

Watch out for everyone else

You’re going to start encountering more motorcyclists and bicyclists on the road now that the weather allows for it. And really, who can blame them? After months of having to bundle up in warm clothes and stay indoors, it’s nice to be able to stretch your legs and ride out in the sunshine. Even kids playing outside can be a danger both for you and for themselves.

Your key to safety: always check your surroundings before changing lanes or turning. Blind spots are a real killer!

While springtime is definitely a more fun time to drive than winter, it doesn’t mean we get to let it all hang loose. Be vigilant, be safe, and you’re sure to have a good time and avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses. But if you do need repairs to get ready for spring season, you can give us a call at 313-534-8090 (Redford) or 734-744-8557 (Livonia), or feel free to request for a quote here.

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