Summer is over, it’s time for your Fall Driving 2020 Tips!

2020 Michigan Fall DrivingIf you’re like us, Fall is one of your favorite seasons. There’s a lot to love—the changing of the leaves, the pumpkin carving, and the cooler weather that makes you just want to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of chocolate. But at the same time, it’s one of the more challenging seasons in which to drive. With the wetter, frostier conditions, fallen leaves and fewer hours of daylight, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the roads ahead.

Today we’ll be talking about how the Fall will affect how you drive and how you can be prepared.

Wet, slippery roads

In fall, rain is quite common, which can make visibility difficult and may cause hydroplaning. And if it’s an especially chilly day, rain can turn to frost. Be alert, give yourself enough space to stop and avoid breaking suddenly (unless you have to), says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). If fog rolls in, use low beams and maintain an appropriate distance between other vehicles, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Tires may lose air pressure

Temperatures rise and fall during autumn. These changes may cause car tires to expand and contract, which can result in loss of air pressure. Check your tires regularly to make sure they’re properly inflated. Typically, you can find the proper air pressure for your tires, measured in pounds per square inch (psi), in your car’s owner’s manual.

Watch out for leaves

The colors of fall leaves are a beautiful sight to see, but when they’re in piles on the road, it may turn ugly. Soggy leaves can be as slippery as a patch of ice. They can also camouflage road hazards, like potholes. If you see wet leaves in the street, proceed carefully.

Be aware of changes in lighting

Another factor that comes with fall driving is that we have fewer hours of daylight. No doubt you’ve noticed that our sunsets are happening earlier and earlier, giving us less and less time to soak up some sun. It’s important to be aware of the changes in light that are going to take place while you’re driving. You should always have sunglasses in your car, and make sure all the lights are in good working condition.

Stay alert for wildlife

You should always stay alert at animal crossing signs, but fall is a particularly active time for deer—so if your town has an active deer population, be careful at dawn and dusk. If you see a deer cross the road, slow down and be cautious because they usually travel in groups! The damage a single deer can do to your car—and to you—is immense.

While it’s good to keep all these potential issues in mind while driving, one of the best ways to prevent accidents is to have professionals regularly check your vehicle. Let King Brothers help keep you and your family safe in your car this season. Give us a call at 313-534-8090 (Redford) or 734-744-8557 (Livonia), or feel free to request for a quote here.

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