Things to Know About Collision Repair Apps

2018 Michigan Collision Repair Auto Body ShopThere’s been a glut of collision repair apps coming out. Sure, there are some great benefits to these apps – some of them can offer additional information such as technical and safety data sheets, special offers and promotions, and news alerts.  When you use one of these smartphone apps from an insurance carrier, they try to entice you with a quick turnaround time for your insurance claim. Convenience is the name of the game – all you have to do is upload a photo of the damage and they promise they’ll give you a fair estimate.  What’s more relevant, however, is getting an accurate estimate when you want to have your vehicle fixed. That’s where these apps, sadly, fall short. Let’s take a look at why:

Apps only see issues that are skin deep

It sounds great – simply upload a picture of the damage and you get an easy estimate of the cost to repair it. However, think of it this way: that’s akin to asking a doctor to give a diagnosis based only on pictures! Not only that, it’s a doctor who has an interest in prescribing the cheapest procedures and medicine.

While it’s certainly possible that light damage and scratches are just that, and the app can give an accurate estimate; it’s also possible for the app to be completely off if the damage isn’t immediately obvious in the picture. It’s also limited by the quality of the information you give it – pictures taken in less than ideal lighting or are slightly blurry can mean the app can give you an erroneous estimate. You might be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars if underlying issues aren’t spotted.  This brings us to our next point:

Is it worth the time you saved?

Sure, using these apps can save you time if you’re absolutely sure your car only has minor cosmetic damage and you just want to take the money and not repair it. That all still depends on you taking pictures that show the damage clearly and accurately, having an insurance carrier that gives you a reasonable estimate, and that you’re completely correct in your own assessment of the damage. It seems like a lot of things have to line up just right in order for these apps to be worth it. And even in that case, you’ll want a second opinion to be absolutely sure that you aren’t leaving money on the table. For any other situation, it’s better to have an actual collision repair professional do it because:

A real pro will do it right the first time

Let’s say you went with the app’s estimate and for whatever reason, it didn’t catch all the damage. What’s your course of action now? You’ll need to get another estimate for any damage that wasn’t included in the initial estimate. If this sounds like a lot of trouble, that’s because it very plainly is – you’ll need to have an insurance adjuster come out to verify and approve the supplement in person. The entire time this is happening you won’t have your vehicle – which can cost you even more money in lost time and opportunities.

A professional repairman can do the job better and won’t take half measures. Your car is one of the most complex pieces of technology you’ll ever come in contact with. It’s a one and a half ton machine that can easily travel a hundred feet per second. If your safety depends on having it in top condition, then doesn’t it warrant the care and attention of a professional automobile servicer rather than an app that could very easily be wrong?

If you need a real, accurate estimate that takes into account all possible factors and won’t leave you at risk, we at King Brothers Collision would be more than happy to help. We’re a family owned and operated business with a sterling reputation for excellence and we offer free estimates. We have more than 25 years of experience in the collision repair industry and have knowledge of cutting edge repair techniques and processes. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call at 313-534-8090 (Redford) or 734-744-8557 (Livonia). If you don’t have time for a lengthy phone call to explain your needs, you can fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you at a more convenient time.

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