What do Michigan April Showers Mean for Your Car?

Springtime should’ve been just around the corner, but it looks like it’s going to be a little late this year. With Michigan recently experiencing one of its coldest mornings for the month of April (reaching a record low temperature of -24 degrees Fahrenheit at Stambaugh), we could be in for a couple more days of snow mixed in with a few rain showers and cloudy skies. This could be the best time for us to re-evaluate our vehicles’ condition before we can put them to good use once spring arrives. Below we provide a list of important springtime maintenance checks for your car to keep them always performing at their best.

Wash/Spring Clean

Winter weather can do a real number on your car which is why it’s best to give it a thorough spring cleaning inside, outside, as well as on its underside. Wash off all the accumulated snow, ice, slush, grime, debris and salt away with good old-fashioned (car-washing) soap and water. Leaving your car dirty will only lead to scratches and aberrations on your car’s finish as well rusting of the under chassis and other parts from salt build-ups.


If you’ve been using winter or snow tires, it’s time to switch them out for regular tires once spring arrives. Snow tires have a design with bigger tread gaps than summer tires, which increases its traction when used on snow and ice. Keeping them in use on warm, dry pavements only speeds up the tire’s wear and tear. Make sure they’re cleaned and cleared of all snow and salt, then stored in a cool dry place afterwards.

Be sure to check your tires’ pressure, ensuring they’re always at the optimal recommended pressure. The change in temperature from cold to warm can increase its pressure making it difficult to maneuver or drive. If you’re not too confident with your assessment, have it looked at by one of our qualified King Brothers Collision mechanics today. 


Springtime brings April showers. Check on your wiper blades to be sure they’re not cracked or marred from the past season’s run. Visibility on the road is one of the top safety requirements when driving. Wiper streaks and squeaks are sure signs that you need your wipers replaced as soon as possible. Get your wiper blades’ measurements and find some replacements at your nearest auto parts supplier.

Oil Change

Have your oil and oil filter changed to make sure it’s primed and ready once spring comes in. Changing your oil frequently according to the recommendation of your vehicle’s owner’s manual will keep your engine running smoothly and trouble-free – preventing engine damage and higher fuel-consumption costs. Changing your car’s oil yourself might seem like a prudent and economical choice, but why gamble on your car’s performance when you can have King Brothers Collision trained mechanics do it for you at a reasonable price?

Fluids Check 

Aside from your oil, have all the other fluids in your car checked as well. Make sure there is enough radiator fluid to keep your radiator from overheating. Transmission and power-steering fluids keep their respecting parts lubricated and working smoothly. Your brake fluid keeps you from crashing into other cars, objects or people so be sure to top that off as well. Lastly, check the washer fluid for your windshield. You’ll want them filled up once the April rain starts to keep your windshield clean and muck-free.

Under The Hood

Your car’s battery will need to be tested, especially after winter, as they are very susceptible to running dry when exposed to the cold. If your car fails to start or you hear a grinding or clicking sound when turning the ignition on, it could mean your battery is dead and will need a replacement. If your battery is three years or older, you may want to replace it regardless. A car’s belts and hoses can also take a beating from the cold. This should prompt you to inspect for hardening, softening, leaks, cracks, blisters or other visual damage that might have incurred.

April weather this year is certainly unpredictable, which is why it pays to be prepared. Winter might be clocking in some overtime, but spring will surely come sooner or later. When that happens, be sure to go through our checklist to guarantee you and your car are ready for it.

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