How Road Salt Damages Your Vehicle and How To Avoid It

Michigan Salt Damage Repair King Brothers CollisionSnowy roads can cause a lot of vehicles to skid and slide, which can lead to unwanted accidents and repairs. One guaranteed way to reduce the number of road accidents due to ice is the use of road salt. Road salt causes an increase in the temperature of the ice, causing them to melt away faster. The less ice there is on the road, the safer it is to drive. At least, until too much exposure to road salt produces unwanted damages to your car.

Here are the common damages that vehicles may incur after exposure to road salt. Knowing that road salt causes these is the first step to prevention.

Undercarriage Damage

The undercarriage absorbs the most damage during the winter season because its automotive parts are exposed to the harsh ice and salt on the road. These parts in the undercarriage include the car’s body frame, the break and fuel lines, as well as the muffler and exhaust systems. Once too much road salt gets into these parts, you will find yourself trying to fix one part after the other.

Corrosion and Rust

Rust spreads faster during the cold season because the environment is always a little damp. This makes your automotive parts highly vulnerable to damages due to corrosion.

Protracted Problems

Some hidden hazards from exposure to road salt include damage from too much corrosion. The parts usually affected by these are the hydraulic brake system and the car’s sub-frame. Once corrosion damage eats into the sub-frame, your car may start to break down one part at a time. In the hydraulic brake system, corrosion often leads to dangerous leaks, which could cause an explosion.

Knowing these hazards can better equip you with the know-how to prevent them from happening. Here are some useful tips you could try to improve your car’s protection against road salt and the harsh winter conditions.

Wash and Wax Your Car

It is important to always maintain a pristinely clean vehicle because the additional build-up of dirt can cause more ice and salt to get stuck in your car’s parts. More ice creates an environment conducive for more rust.

Rinse Your Undercarriage Regularly

If you can afford to rinse your undercarriage daily, or after every trip you make, the better for your car.

Try To Avoid Large Vehicles on the Road 

Trucks, buses, coasters, RVs and large vans can splatter a lot of ice and road salt to your car. The combination of salt and water can create extensive damages that will decrease the overall safety and stability of your car. Don’t put your ride and your life at risk. Try not to drive too close or beside any large vehicle as much as possible.

Prep Your Car Before Winter Strikes 

A few precautionary measures before the winter can go a long way in protecting your car. Have all dents and scratches repaired beforehand to avoid extensive damage. Apply sealant across your undercarriage to create a protective layer against road salt and brine. Have your car washed and waxed as often as possible during the wintertime to avoid significant build-up of dirt and ice, which contribute to corrosion.

If you are in need of a professional team to perform preventive winter care on your car, you can get in touch with our trained and licensed auto service crew at King Brother’s Collision. Our full service team will ensure that your car is prepped and ready for the winter conditions. We can also repair extensive damages caused by road salt. So whether you just want to winterize your car, or if you have rust issues you want us to take a look at, we can do the job for you.

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